3 top tips to mentally unload



I get it. Your partner is helpful and wants to contribute but still it always falls to you to keep tabs on everything, give instructions, organise stuff, remember birthdays, book appointments etc etc.

It’s you who is expected to answer the questions “what’s for dinner tonight?” “where are my keys?” “what time is football training this week?” “when is Theo next due for his vaccinations?”

All this Mental Load is EXHAUSTING and TIME-CONSUMING.  It can sap our productivity at work, affect our sleep, reduce our relationship satisfaction and hamper our creativity and career success.

When I returned to work from maternity leave, I searched far and wide for a solution, a way to fairly share the mental load with my husband… and I couldn’t find one. 

I asked friends, I googled, I read books and academic papers… and eventually, I combined my own skills and experience in neurocognitive science, family therapy and organisational management and came up with a solution that actually worked! And kept working!  And so The Mental Load Project was born.

Get started now with our TOP 3 TIPS to reduce your mental load.

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About Dr Robyn Miller

Dr Robyn Miller is an Australian medical doctor, wife, mother and accidental Mental Load expert. The Mental Load Project aims to help women and men around the world recognise and re-balance all the invisible labour that is involved in running a household.  Robyn teaches women and their partners how to truly share the mental load – a complete, proven, step-by-step formula to fairly and sustainably share the mental load without chaos, friction or resentment. 

“Women's equality has changed faster than anything in human history, but in the end, it comes down to personal relationships between men and women. And a lot of that still has a long way to go.”

— Merle Thornton, Australian feminist, aged 89
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“People often ask me how I do it and honestly I spend a lot of time enjoying life too! I'm sure it's down to the fact that I don't have to do EVERYTHING else.”

— Lauren, working Mum who shares the Mental Load equally with her husband
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