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Without nagging… or just giving up and doing it all yourself!


This Year,

Find Your Fair


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Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re a smart, accomplished woman but you never feel like you can get on top of all the things.

Your partner is supportive, and you feel lucky that he tries to help BUT…

If you don’t tell your partner specifically what to do, it won’t get done.

You’re sick of always having to be the one to remember everything, and remember to ask nicely for help… BUT

Every time you try to explain to your partner what the mental load is, he just doesn’t get it.  And when you try to make changes, nothing ever sticks.

No matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to be able to share the mental load with your partner!  And then trust him to get the stuff done!

“I even felt slightly rebellious when I signed up for the program... but having come through the other side I'm just like 'Wow, I'm so glad I've done it!' I just feel so much lighter now. It has already made such a difference. I've been telling all my mummy friends about it.”

— Jo, mother of 2, London


Imagine if in 2023:

  • The sheets are washed without you nagging, in fact without you even asking once!
  • You can walk out the door without leaving a list of instructions and a fridge packed full of healthy treats.
  • You have said good-bye to that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something important (you know the one that wakes you up at 3am!)
  • You have time to invest in yourself again (think uninterrupted yoga, joining a choir again, reading new novels, whatever you choose…)
  • You are more productive and feel less tired because you won’t have a million things running through your head all the time!
Find Your Fair Formula teaches you the system and the strategy to share the mental load fairly forever. It shows you how to break deeply ingrained habits, which cause women to just notice the mental load first, and create new systems so that all the invisible (and visible) labour can be fairly shared.

“Find Your Fair” will show you:

  • Exactly what your own mental load is so that it can be properly appreciated and divided (rather than just taken for granted or not even noticed)
  • The exact steps involved to divide all the mental and physical load in a fair and sustainable way (instead of having to always “ask” nicely to have something done)
  • The scientifically-proven cognitive strategy to undo deeply ingrained habits (so that you will stop being the first one to notice everything that needs to be done!)
  • How to create a fail-proof system to allow you to continue to share the mental load even if your family situation changes (move house, new job, another baby etc)

“My partner just did his second week of food planning and shopping!!!! Total baby steps I know but we're getting there! 6 weeks ago he didn't even know where our daughter's clothes were kept! I keep telling all my friends about Robyn and The Mental Load Project”

— Kate, mother of 2, current student


How does it Work?

Simple-to-follow videos

6 short video modules to explain to you everything you need to know to change your subconscious habits and divide the mental load

PDF Workbook

Downloadable PDF cheat-sheets so you can put all the steps into action

Facebook group support

Supportive facebook group where you can ask any questions, brainstorm and have accountability on your journey to mental load freedom!

PLUS over $200 worth of BONUSES!

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: How to give up feeling Mum guilt once and for all by Crystal Hardstaff, The Gentle Counsellor
    • Valued at $99
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: Using Non-Violent Communication to Overcome Any Obstacle (and get back on the same page)
    • Valued at $99
  • BONUS downloadable ROADMAP
    • Sharing the Mental Load Step-by-Step PDF guide
    • Valued at $29

“I really enjoyed the process. I found Robyn's presentations professional and thoughtful. Getting to discuss the issue of (and solution for) the mental load with different people, of all walks of life, in the private Facebook group, and hearing Robyn's well-considered responses was an added bonus.”

— Kavitha - previous student

Dr Robyn Miller learnt to successfully share the Mental Load with her husband


I understand!  I have made this program for people like you (and me!) – only the essential information is taught plus all the material (videos, audios, PDF slides and cheat sheets) can be downloaded so you can access them wherever you are.

I have paired back the videos so that they are each shorter than a Bluey episode! And the “homework” you can do on the run as you set up new habits and systems!

This is a very small investment in your time and energy which will bring you huge dividends!

I just don’t think my partner will ever change.

All relationships are symbiotic – that means that what one person does impacts the other person and vice versa.  Inevitably, because we, as women from a young age, are “trained” to notice things that need to be done and always look out for ways to make everyone comfortable, our partners get used to not having to do any of this.  It’s as though they end up with different glasses and their lenses just don’t see what we see.  But this is all because of our combined habits.  In changing your habits, you can create space and opportunity for your partner to change as well.

But aren’t men wired differently?

No!  This is one of the biggest myths around the mental load.  There is no genetic nor biological reason why women end up carrying the mental load.  This just happens due to generations of social conditioning.

Need some proof: think about your partner at work – does he manage to submit his timesheet, do the required trainings, answer (at least most of) his e-mails, maybe even manage other staff? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your partner does indeed have the capacity to carry the mental load too.

Hhhmmm… but why would my partner want to change? What’s in it for him?

Lots! Men who carry more mental load can enjoy more autonomy, have better social connections, and get nagged less! What’s more, because they will not carry almost 100% of the load (like you probably have been) they will not feel stressed or overwhelmed by carrying their fraction of the load.

We don’t have children.  Will the program still be relevant?

Yes! This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to create sustainable partnership for the long-term.  The skills, habits and techniques you and your partner learn in this course will stand you in excellent stead for whatever life throws at you!  Over the last three years, I have worked with couples at all stages of their lives: from newly moving in together, to having young children to being “empty nesters”. It is never too early (or too late) to share the mental load.



  • Easy to watch pre-recorded videos
  • PDF Cheat-sheets for all modules
  • Lifetime access to framework materials
  • Private facebook group for support
  • BONUS PDF Road-Map
  • BONUS Masterclass: Using Non-Violent Communication to Overcome Any Obstacle
  • BONUS Masterclass: How to Ditch Mum Guilt Once and For All by

    Crystal Hardstaff, The Gentle Counsellor



Monthly for 4 months


  • Easy to watch pre-recorded videos
  • PDF Cheat-sheets for all modules
  • Lifetime access to framework materials
  • Private facebook group for support
  • BONUS PDF Road-Map
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FIND YOUR FAIR with Individual Support


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  • 2 x 40 minute individual consultations
  • Lifetime access to framework material
  • Easy to watch pre-recorded videos
  • PDF Cheat-sheets to accompany the videos
  • Private facebook group for support
  • BONUS PDF Road-Map
  • BONUS Masterclass: Using Non-Violent Communication to Overcome Any Obstacle
  • BONUS Masterclass: How to Ditch Mum Guilt Once and For All by

    Crystal Hardstaff, The Gentle Counsellor

No risk - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

About Dr Robyn Miller

Make 2020 the year to share the mental load. Fair play.

I am an Australian medical doctor by day, mental load strategist by night and wife and mother of a 2.  I hold tertiary degrees in medicine, arts, public health and management.

After returning to work from maternity leave in 2019, I spent many late evenings trying to perfect the “juggle,” only to realise juggling a million balls at a time is NOT actually possible.  Instead, I realised that what is required is off-loading some of those balls, and in particular, off-loading some of the weighty mental load.

I searched everywhere to find out how to do this.  I spoke to friends, asked senior colleagues, read books and academic papers and (of course) googled.  Every woman seemed to experience the mental load but no one could really offer any workable solution.

Out of desperation and persistence, I engineered a solution combining my unique expertise and experience in human psychology, organisational management and family therapy.  Through The Mental Load Project, I has now shared her strategy with dozens of women across the globe.


Oh my goodness - this sounds amazing but my mental load is already so huge I don't think I can possibly fit this in...

I hear you!  I have created this course exactly for you in mind.  The strategies are super easy to understand and action. Think “The Barefoot Investor” meets “Marie Kondo” but for the mental load.  Each module contains 1-2 actionable steps that you can do on the run without any more time.  Plus all the videos are shorter than a Bluey Episode!

What’s more, you get lifetime access so you can work through at your own pace.

Why is this a course for women? Doesn't that just add to my mental load?

I have designed this course to teach you the exact steps that I followed to share the mental load with my husband.  Therefore, it is taught from the perspective of the person who is currently carrying the majority of the mental load (i.e. you!).

See this as a quick and simple, short-term investment to reclaim extra time and brain space every single day for the rest of your life!

Do I have to tell my partner?

Yes, eventually, but not necessarily straight away.

If you’d like, you can tell your partner from the outset and you can even watch the videos together.

The most popular option, however, is to learn the strategy yourself and I will teach you spend the first 3 weeks doing the course yourself.  That way you have already applied the cognitive strategies yourself, and learnt the best way to approach sharing the load first.  Then when you bring your partner on board, you’re already over half the way there.

In fact, previous students have told me that their mental load reduced just by applying the cognitive strategies to themselves (even before they involved their partner!) ADDED BONUS!

My partner will never change. Is there any point me signing up?

Yes! The course will teach you how to make changes in your own thinking and behaviour and how this will prompt changes in your partner’s thoughts and actions too.

I don't have children/my children are grown up.  Is the material relevant for me? 

Research shows that women at all stages of their relationship carry much more of the mental load than their partners.  This course can be done at any stage of your relationship and create good and fair habits for ever after.  The skills, habits and techniques you and your partner learn in this course will stand you in excellent stead for whatever life throws at you!

Past students have included couples without children, couples with young children and couples with grown-up children.  It is never too early (or too late) to learn these habits.

Is it worth the investment?

Deciding what monetary value to put on your own time, energy and relationship satisfaction is a very personal decision.

The course provides practical step-by-step strategies which you can tailor to your individual situation and relationship.  You will learn the foundations to achieve a supportive, fair, loving partnership.

In purely monetary terms, the cost of the course is a mere fraction of what individual marriage counselling would cost if the frustration and resentment around continuing to carry the mental load simmered away for years.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will receive lifetime access to all the course materials!  But the aim is to do it once and create new, long-lasting habits so you won’t even need to use this feature :)

Does it have to be a 50:50 split in the mental load?

No. Women and men at any stage of their life or in any occupation can do the course.  You get to decide what a “fair share” of the mental load looks like for your household.  This may be 50:50 or 40:60 or 70:30 – whatever you choose.

The course works equally well at dividing the mental load fairly regardless of the exact fraction.

What if it doesn't work?

I stand by this course 100%.  I offer a no questions asked money back guarantee for 14 days.  If you sign up and then find out the course isn’t for you, all you need to do is send me an email.

I'm sold! How can I sign up?

Step right this way – JOIN NOW – and I’ll see you soon.