About Dr Robyn Miller

Make 2020 the year to share the mental load. Fair play.

I am an Australian medical doctor, wife, mother and now a  mental load expert.

I created the Mental Load Project to help men and women recognise and re-balance all the invisible labour that is involved in running a household.

I teach women and their partners how to truly share the  mental load with a proven, step-by-step formula to fairly  and sustainably share the mental load without chaos,  friction or resentment.

I began The Mental Load Project when I too was drowning in the never-ending burden of the mental load when I  became a working mother.

I spent many late evenings trying to perfect the “juggle” when I realised that what I really needed to do was off-load some of the mental load.  So I searched for a solution, a way to share this invisible labour. But when I asked my friends, spoke to mentors and read books, it seemed that every woman could relate to the  problem but no one had a solution.

I developed my own strategy using my expertise and experience in human psychology, organisational management and family therapy.

Within six weeks I discovered a way that not only works but lasts.

I told my sisters, shared it with my friends, and my strategy kept working. And now I want to share it with  you.

If you want to know more about the course, ​please contact me today​.

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